Marietta Breastfeeding Support

Loving Hands Lactation Care provides breastfeeding support for new moms in Marietta, GA. Your little bundle of joy has finally arrived, and you couldn’t be happier. Everything seems to be going well – except you need a little breastfeeding support.

Asking for breastfeeding help can be difficult for new mothers. If you’ve found yourself struggling to feed your newborn, you might think that you’re the only one who can’t master breastfeeding. However, it’s important to realize that you’re not alone. There’s a world of breastfeeding support out there for Marietta families…

And you can find that support at Loving Hands.

Certified Lactation Consultant

Loving Hands Lactation Care was founded by Yolanda Kadima, a certified lactation consultant (IBLCE), Lactation Counselor (certified through The Healthy Children’s Center for Breastfeeding), and Trained Doula (trained through MaternityWise). Yolanda’s passion and dedication to providing breastfeeding support to new mothers and families has made Loving Hands Lactation Care one of the preferred providers of breastfeeding services in the Marietta, GA area.

As a lactation consultant, Yolanda offers breastfeeding help, companionship, and sensitive support for mothers who may be having trouble breastfeeding their newborns. At the heart of Yolanda’s practice is the belief that breastfeeding is both normal and natural; however, sometimes assistance is needed to overcome obstacles.

If you need help adjusting to the new baby in your life, call on Loving Hands Lactation Care for the caring support you need.

Timely and Immediate Lactation Support

Loving Hands Lactation Care provides lactation support through private breastfeeding classes, phone and email consultations, and in-home consultations. No matter what your schedule, Loving Hands Lactation Care will provide you prompt lactation support.

In addition to breastfeeding support, Yolanda also provides doula care. From pregnancy and birth to postpartum care, Yolanda will provide continuous mother-family support.

If you and your family need Marietta breastfeeding support or assistance with the new bundle of joy in your home, call on Loving Hands Lactation Care. Contact Yolanda today at (404) 692-3655 to setup an in-home consultation. We currently service Marietta, Kennesaw, Atlanta, and surrounding areas with superior breastfeeding and doula care support. Browse our website for more information on our lactation consultant services, or for questions or comments please <