Marietta Lactation Consultant

At Loving Hands Lactation Care, certified lactation consultant Yolanda Kadima provides sensitive breastfeeding help to new families in Marietta, GA. Training and experience have paved the way to her becoming a dedicated lactation consultant.

Discover a rewarding breastfeeding experience using Loving Hands Lactation Care:

Private Breastfeeding Classes and Phone Consultations

At Loving Hands Lactation Care, Yolanda understands how sensitive breastfeeding can be, and the obstacles surrounding it. That’s why she offers the following:

  • Tailored prenatal breastfeeding classes;
  • Classes that focus on how to accommodate breastfeeding your child when returning to work and/or school;
  • And classes on breastfeeding and how it relates to the family.

Yolanda is also happy to provide phone and email consultations for busy mothers. These calls and emails provide basic breastfeeding support and warm encouragement.

In-Home Consultations and Follow-Up Care

Yolanda specializes in in-home consultations, as it takes advantage of the natural feeding environment of both the mother and baby. These in-home consultations troubleshoot various breastfeeding issues, including:

  • Low milk supply;
  • Poor infant weight gain;B
  • Breastfeeding multiples;
  • Sore nipples;
  • Latching/positioning issues;
  • And weaning.

Follow up care is offered in the form of calls, emails, and/or home visits (if necessary).

Contact Loving Hands Lactation Care Today

If you are ready for an expert Marietta lactation consultant that provides breastfeeding help to new moms, contact Yolanda today at (678) 848-0647. If you and your family need assistance with the new bundle of joy in your home, call on Loving Hands Lactation Care for breastfeeding support and doula care. Browse our website for more information on our doula care services, or for questions or comments please contact us.