Breastfeeding Services

At Loving Hands Lactation Care, certified lactation consultant Yolanda Kadima provides a variety of breastfeeding services to new mothers and families in Atlanta. She prides herself on the compassionate support she provides her clients throughout their breastfeeding journey.

Loving Hands Breastfeeding Services

Take a look at the breastfeeding services offered at Loving Hands Lactation Care:

  • Tailored prenatal BF classes;
  • In-home consults (preferred because it’s the mother/baby’s normal feeding environment);
    Observation of feedings;
  • Assistance with latching and positions;
  • Assistance with hand expressing and/or pumping;
  • Address information regarding lactation supplements;
  • Address information regarding infant feeding supplements;
  • And Identify issues that need medical referrals.

Typical home visits last between one to two hours.

Doula Services

  • Provide continuous mother-family support throughout the pregnancy and birth;
  • Provide postpartum care;
  • And offering Placental Encapsulation.

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If you and your family need Marietta breastfeeding services with the new bundle of joy in your home, call on Loving Hands Lactation Care. Contact Yolanda today at (678) 848-0647 . Browse our website for more information about our lactation consultants, or for questions or comments please contact us.